The Mottle Rocket - Skill Level 2

This Mottle Rocket is guaranteed to turn heads and leave a lasting impression! The Mottle Rocket is completely NAR/Tripoli compliant, ensuring a safe and thrilling launch experience.

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The Mottle Rocket

The Mottle Rocket™ is the perfect rocket for beginners and experienced rocket enthusiasts alike. Designed by a true patriot actually born on the 4th of July, this rocket is completely NAR/Tripoli compliant, so you can be sure that it will provide a safe and thrilling launch experience.

Not only does the Mottle Rocket™ look great, but it also performs incredibly well, flying straight as an arrow to reach heights of 200 feet, and it features a 10-inch gold mylar parachute that will gently descend from the sky with the rocket for a safe recovery.



  • Builds in 30 minutes
  • Only tools needed are scissors, tape and super glue! No paint, or knives required.
  • 10" Gold mylar parachute
  • Flies from standard launch pads on B6-4 engines to around 200 feet!






Total length: 32.5 in / 80 cm

Diameter 1.75 in / 4.5 cm

Mass with no motor ~ 2.5 oz / 70 grams


A Kit Proudly Manufactured In The US

Made In Usa Logo Illustrations, Royalty-Free Vector Graphics & Clip Art -  iStock