Flying Umbrella Kit - Skill Level 2 (3 pack)

This zany rocket is not your average umbrella - it's a slow-flying, head-turning adventure waiting to happen!
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Flying Umbrella 3 pack

Building and launching this rocket is an absolute breeze! Our kit is specifically designed to make the assembly process seamless and hassle-free. With our innovative custom plastic fin can system included, you'll find that putting everything together is as easy as a snap of your fingers. Whether you're a seasoned rocket enthusiast who has been passionate about exploring the skies for years or a beginner eagerly looking for an exhilarating new hobby, the Flying Umbrella rocket caters to all skill levels. 

It's truly an experience that will leave you breathless with excitement, no matter where you are on your rocketry journey.



  • Excellent for the novice rocketeer, with skill level 2 out of 5 that makes it ideal for beginners to intermediate hobbyists.
  • The plastic fin can is specially designed to account for the eight support fins, and the motor mount ,as well as an 1/8in launch lug, which means this rocket does not need any launch lugs glued to body tube making this keit even easier.
  • Easy quick recovery with a neon streamer, plus a 36in shock cord keeping both parts safe during decent.
  • Base span of 12 inches, and length of 24.5”. With its impressive fin span, diameter and length you get insane stability for an optimal flight experience!
  • This kit includes a metal motor retaining clip for easy assembly with quick motor change for next flight!



Total length: 24.5in / 62cm
Diameter 12in / 30cm
Mass with no motor ~ 4oz / 114 grams
Center of gravity: 18.5in / 47cm from nose
Center of Presure: 24in / 61cm from nose
Stability: 6.0 cal
Max apogee on 24mm motor (D12-0) 75ft / 22.5m



A Kit Proudly Manufactured In The USA


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