The Arachnid Kit - Skill Level 3

This skill level 3 kit is perfect for both beginner and experienced model rocketeers looking for a challenge. With its eight lasercut balsa fins, BT-55 tube design and metal motor retaining clip, flights of 800ft

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The Arachnid™ Model Rocket Kit

Get ready to launch something amazing!

Introducing The Arachnid Model Rocket Kit, one of the most stable rocket designs in the market. With 8 laser-cut balsa fins, BT-55 tube design, and a max flight height of 800 feet/244m, this is the perfect kit for any aspiring rocket enthusiast. It also includes a 16" high-reflectivity mylar parachute for safe and secure recovery.


  • Perfect for the novice rocketeer, with skill level 3 out of 5 that makes it ideal for beginners to intermediate hobbyists.
  • BT-55 tube design provides plenty of room to customize your rocket and make it truly unique.
  • The wooden laser cut fin guide is a tool used to aid in the alignment of fins when setting up a rocket. The guide is designed to make it easier to align the fins correctly and reduce the amount of time needed to do so. The laser cut fin guide is made from wood and features grooves and slots that help guide the fins into the correct positions. The guide can also be used to ensure that the fins are properly spaced and evenly aligned.
  • 16" High reflectivity mylar parachute recovery guarantees safe return back down.
  • Fin span of 5 1/2" / 14 cm, diameter of 1.325" / 33mm and length of 24”/61cm. With its impressive fin span, diameter and length you get great stability for an optimal flight experience!
  • This kit includes laser-cut lite-ply wood mounting rings and a metal motor retaining clip for easy assembly with extreme strength. Choose from two ways to build: 18mm (B6-4, C6-3, C6-5) or 24mm (D12-3, D12-5).


Take your rocketry skills to the next level with this advanced-level kit!


The Advantages Plywood Centering Ring Baffles with Lasercut Balsa Fins for Optimal Model Rocket Stability

Model rocket enthusiasts know the importance of engineered motor mounts and fins for optimal stability. Plywood motor mount rings can drastically improve model rocket stability and performance. In particular, these engineered rings offer improved rigidity, more consistent lift-off patterns, and no chance of breaking or bending like some kit manufacturers produce. Our lasercut fins permit a more efficient transfer of the CP (Center of Pressure) to the back end of the model rocket body for a much more stable flight. This increased stability allows for higher accuracy in flight control and offers better protection against unforeseen wind gusts too. All in all, with the right set of engineered baffle rings with lasercut fins in place, anyone setting up their model rockets are sure to have greater success and satisfaction when they launch their models into the sky!


What is a Mylar Foil Parachute and How Does it Enable High Visibility & Safe Rocket Landings?

Mylar foil is a lightweight, reflective material that is often used to ensure high visibility and safe rocket landings. The material has been used for decades to help guide rockets safely back to Earth.



Total length: 24in / 61cm

Diameter 1.325in / 3.37cm

Mass with no motor ~ 2.65 oz / 75 grams

Center of gravity: 31cm from nose

Center of Presure: 55cm from nose

Stability: 7.1 cal

Max apogee on 24mm motor (D12-3) 800ft / 243m

Max apogee on 18mm motor (C6-3) 470ft / 143m


A Kit Proudly Manufactured In The US

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