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Welcome to BnB Rockets!
Our goal here at Bigger n’ Better Rockets is to build the highest quality low power

model rockets for experienced hobbyists that love a good challenge!



Wondering where we started and how we came to be? You're in the right place!

Starting in the year 2000 The Original SKYWARD company was founded. 

Then in 2004 there is a change of ownership and business name, SunwardTM Aerospace Group Limited Incorporated. From 2005 to 2012 Sunward produced over 40 kits including US and Soviet based model rocket jet fighter planes, flying pyramids and penguins and many other odd rockets!

In 2018 Jim Danforth with BnB Hobbies purchased the Sunward line of rocket kits with plans to immediately begin reproducing kits and making available for public purchase. 
However it was not until 2019 when Corban Danforth, Jim's son, was able to begin reproducing the kits, that we found many design flaws and before moving into production was possible Corban decided to move into real aviation. Getting his AMP certification and becoming a full time jet mechanic.
The company was then held dormant until late 2022 when Chilion Danforth, also Jim's son, began to redesign, egineer and produce the kits. 
And on January 1st, BnB Rockets went live offering The Arachnid , and followed by many more kits



Fun fact!

3 generations ago Corban and Chilion's grandfather Hubert, was a wiring technician for the X-15 rocket plane. Re-wiring instruments in the nose of the plane after flights due to excessive heat. Following that Hubert was a testing engineer for the Saturn 5 rocket thrust nozzle!